How to make Handmade Horse Bits

The Art of Bit Making Volume OneHandmade Cutting Horse Bit Bruce Cheaney How to make Handmade Horse Bits

Bit Making Bruce Cheaney Handmade Bits2 How to make Handmade Horse BitsThe Art of Bit Making Volume One is a two hour DVD that shows you how to make shank bits both high and low port and how to make bits out of round rod as well as plate steel. You will learn how to form your own mouth pieces and see what a mouth piece jig looks like and how to use it. The shanks are also bent on bending jigs and you will see what the shank jig looks like so you can make your own jigs and fixtures for making shank bits. For making horse bits the materials are very important and you will learn the materials needed and where you can find them.

You will learn about tools, materials and supplies for bit making as well as how to use them. This DVD shows you how to bend mouth pieces and shanks and grind shanks out and copper inlay a mouth piece and silver mount the shanks with sterling silver and make a concho for the bit. This DVD is produced by Bruce Cheaney Gainesville, Texas and can be found at

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